Having teachers as parents, Christmas time was great as we always had lots of chocolate to go around. There were the odd random things like a pair of socks or a bottle of wine (we tried to get some, but to no avail!) But normally, chocolates were the gift of choice. With everyone being on a health kick all year round now, instead of just the new year, (at least the first day of it!) it’s time to look for alternatives.

We have some great ideas, something different, something classy and something to remind them to have fun! Hunt for something that will give them a reason to thank you in the new year, something that they will tell their other teachers about. Maybe try the Cocktail Diffusers, for a bit of fun or an Elephant Doorstop for some cute points! A really popular one is the Marble Notepad, which not only comes with its own pen, but is also magnetised, meaning it can go on the fridge.

The best bit, they are all inexpensive and not something eveyone will think of! Check them out here:- stylehaus.shop


Try them out this year!


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